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Let's go back to 2019 when a certain lady still resides in Melbourne. By that I meant, one of the ladies in the project is no longer living in Melbourne at the moment, Papanin Kasettratat ( Tay for short). I got the chance to know her from Nita (Wir), and they do music together. Nita loves to perform and make music videos on her social media platform. They are quite active in the Thai Community here in Melbourne, but they are also quite social in performing outside that community.

One day Nita was expressing that she wants to do a music video with me, all she knows that she wants to be on a rooftop/ high building. Apart from that, Nita lets me jump in with creative thoughts as well. So it all started in knowing what songs they're going to do. I love musicians. I think being able to express your emotions/thoughts through a melody and words is quite an incredible skill to have.

For this shoot, I only did had a day shoot because of the budget, location and light. Although it all sounds like limitations, it was a fun project all in. Before actually doing the shoot, I always try to find a time to get acquainted with the space that I'll be filming. I'm not the type of person that can just go on a whim when it comes to working. I used to do it when I was in my early 20s, but as I age to my late 30s I love planning and structure more and more.

I was lucky enough for this project I had a helping hand from my friend Dona, and she was my production assistant for the project. It would be great if I could have a stand-in on every location I intended to use beforehand. To have a visual of how much space I actually need in the frame and how it will look like (with a certain wardrobe/quantity of subject in the frame/ambience). Sometimes if I don't have much time planning, I would opt with places that I go often.

The first video I filmed was for their " Make You Feel My Love " cover. I want to capture some high rise buildings in the background, to show the feeling of being in the city. The song reminds me of the youth (I sound so old, lol) and passionately loving someone. And living in the city reminds me of someone who has that passion. And we want to have the live music approach without being too raw.

You can watch the video here:

We decided to add some string lights to create a mood. As the filming sets at a later day, it was perfect actually. We had a few takes, and I think It came out nicely. Had some glitching on the audio playback during filming, but nothing too stressful. Nita and Tay are also fun people to work with, so it felt like a breeze that day.

This is the end result:

Would there be any other aspects that you might want to know when it involves this type of projects? I love doing this type of journaling, so I can look back on what I've done.

I hope that was entertaining enough to read.

Take care peeps!


Nita Wiroonsup

Tay (Papanin Kasettratat )

Production Assistant:

Dona Huliselan



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