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A Mellow Start

*photos are provided by WIX & Unsplash stock images

Starting this journey being as honest as I can is a really a daunting thing. The fear of being judged by others, not having things all together, not being mature enough or just being the right kind of an adult. All those fear I've been having all throughout my life. With that written, I hope I can look back to the pictures I've taken, by the content that I will continue to put out and the efforts that I will give to others and myself; I can feel that I'm enough.

I know it is pretty heavy, and I might delete this post in the future. I want to make content that makes me feel better. Maybe I can share my experiences in life so others can learn and communicate their's to others as well. I often learn about life from stories and communicating with others.

I'm not much of a journal keeper nor a scrapbooker. I wish I was though, I guess never too late to start. Here is to more life documenting and sharing the cents in my head.

Hope you have a good day and be kind to yourself



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