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Doll.ce by Amanda

was born long before I move to Melbourne, a place I now call home. from the love of taking care of my own nails - taking care of my loved one's nails - loving the creative process of it all. I can see my love for nail treatment & nail art is more than just a future endeavour, it's a love language that I understand and appreciate. 

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Natural Nails

natural nails - doll.ce.png

the classic - the basic - the first love.

Personally I love working on a natural nail instead of extensions. It also shows more of the nails that I'm working with on how much stress usually they are on, how much TLC they are given, i love stories. 

L'occi Manicure

l'occi manicure - doll.ce.png.png

Nail treatment cut, filed, and shaped. After those steps, we go on to gel (design) polish, and afterwards hand massage + scrub with L'occitane skincare products.

Gel Extensions

gell extensions - doll.ce.png.png

From the varieties of nails that I've learned throughout my nail treatment journey, I love Gel Extensions the best. Better control during application, user friendly, no nasty smell. So far, this is the only extension that I will do. 

Home Nail Service

at home service - doll.ce.png

there's no reason to cancel your appointment if you are stuck at a zoom meeting at home. I provide an at-home service at a cost, but nothing beats freshly manicured nails at your the comfort of your home. 

Basic Manicure

basic manicure - doll.ce.png.png

Nail treatment cut, filed, and shaped with our basic favourite lineup of nail products. Afterwards, we finish with gel (design) polish.

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more details on my calendar on my Instagram page @dollcebyamanda

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Camberwell, Victoria | AUSTRALIA

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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